We help families with financial difficulties survive and thrive—by shouldering their burden together with them.

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Is money really enough?

Everyone understands that a sick parent means medical expenses. 

But we see:


    • The lonely children, who forgot what it means to come home to a warm smile and a hot supper.
    • The seven year old boy, who has no one to help him with his homework and knows better than to ask his stressed-out mother—even if it means failing another quiz.
    • The piles of laundry, sticky floors and tension thick in the air.

We open the doors to normal

When there is poverty, a family might also need help with marriage counselling, budget-management or job-placement

When there is illness, a family might need help with emotional therapy, monetary supplement, cleaning help or tutoring for the children

When there is divorce, a parent might need financial assistance, help with custody related issues or home repairs

We do whatever it takes to help, heal and make families whole

Embracing our families with all-encompassing support

Esther. Z, RBS
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‘I can’t believe I’m getting married normally’
“I want to thank the Kupa with all my heart for setting me up for my wedding. My father is doing well, but he is still very weak. I can’t believe that I’m getting married normally, with a beautiful new wardrobe and everything I need for my apartment. This is a dream come true.”

Our Programs

Medical Assistance

Clothing Subsidies

Grocery Credit

Tuition Aid

Emergency Assistance

Emotional Support And Therapy

Hachnasat Kallah

Matanot L'evyonim

Maot Chittim

Yom Tov Help

Monthly Food Baskets

Single Parent Support

Food Vouchers

Tutoring and Mentoring


Chana. B, RBS
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‘Decided to foster them all’
“The family living next door to us were totally dysfunctional. Social services wanted to farm out the 4 helpless children to different homes. My husband and I decided to foster them all as our own. It was a huge undertaking, mainly because we could barely afford to make ends meet. The Kupa has been giving us the money to feed them, buy them clothes and send them for much-needed emotional therapy. There are still struggles, but it’s wonderful to watch them slowly come out of their shells, and start to smile more often.”
Rabbi R, RBS
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‘It’s an unbelievable feeling—to be surrounded by so much chessed.’
When my wife was sick, my life kind of fell to pieces. The children needed me, the house was constantly upside-down and I went to work exhausted each day. I finally mustered the courage to reach out to the Kupa. It was life-changing. They sent in a cleaner every day to sort out the house. There was a wonderful young woman who would speak to my children and help them with their homework. They sent me temporary monthly supplements, so I could take off a little time from work and spend time with my wife, who was so weak. It’s an unbelievable feeling, to be surrounded by so much chessed.

Breaking the cycle of poverty

Sometimes, receiving charity is not what a family needs. Instead, we help them with the funds to launch their own business or take a training course. This enables them to break the cycle of debt, and get back on their own feet with dignity.

Chanoch Davidman, Director Kupa Shel Tzedaka
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“You see tens of people coming in the rain and in the heat, so happy to fetch a loaf of bread and some cucumbers and tomatoes—the poverty is real”

500+ poverty-stricken families have a lifeline

Keep our monthly programs going

Food Vouchers

Ensuring no child goes to school hungry
55,000 nis monthly

Grocery 'Credit Card'

Special ‘topped-up’ card to help pay for groceries
75,000 nis monthly

Medical Assistance

Cost of treatment, therapy for family members and other expenses
20,000 nis monthly

Clothing Subsidies

Quality clothing at a highly subsidized rate
7000 nis monthly

Monthly Food Baskets

Weekly delivery of staples and ‘treats’ for Shabbos
5000 nis monthly

Talmidei Chachamim

Stipends helping to support Torah learning
7500 nis monthly

Changing Yom Tov from “stressful’ to ‘joyous” with 2 million nis each year

When everyone else is in Yom Tov mode, the empty fridge and faded clothing are even more painful for poverty stricken families. This past year, the Kupa distributed 2,000,000 nis for food, clothing and Yom Tov expenses to help thousands of families celebrate the holidays with dignity and joy.

It’s the Kupa who knows what is going on behind closed doors

We take the phone calls. We visit the homes. And it shakes us to the core. Every single time.


    • A mother, waiting for a heart transplant. Unable to do anything for her family, because her weak heart is straining to functioning at 14%
    • Parents who ran away due to mental illness and left 4 helpless children at the mercy of their neighbors
    • A little girl, 4 years old, having her 4th heart operation
    • A father of many, finally diagnosed with a severe mental illness
    • 12 young parents, shocked with the recent diagnosis of the dreaded machalah
    • 35 widows and divorcees who have no one to lean on
    • 700 innocent children whose houses are not a home

With an annual budget of 4,500,000 nis each year, we have

2 options: turning to you, or turning people down.

We choose the first option.

Our Impact

It was a large family with many children and the father was suffering from depression. Yes, he had a job, but unfortunately—due to his mental illness— he was not able to work properly and had fallen into a lot of debt. Between debt accumulated in a previous business venture, and debt from after he became sick, he was strangling in 400,000 shekel of debt, which threatened both his health and the stability of his family. The Kupa stepped in and helped with the most pressing needs: therapy and emotional support for the bewildered children, business advice and debt management to get him out of the quicksand, and then monthly support to keep the family on its feet. Each of these children could have grown up traumatized, dysfunctional, and severely scarred. The kupa keeps in touch with the family and the therapists, and continues making sure that the children aren’t just surviving—they’re thriving.

You make this possible

Join the unsung heroes who quietly keep the Kupa going