About Us

“The land of Israel is obtained through suffering’’

Berachot 5A

See with your own eyes how the verse from the Talmud plays out today.
Yes, even in the 21st century.

The financial situation in Israel is difficult to wrap one’s head around. 

On the one hand, advances in hi-tech and medicine are helping Israel advance at a breakneck speed.

On the other hand, the sheer number of families living below the poverty line is horrifying.

The long, long month

Even with two parents working full-time, for many families,  the month far outlasts the money. And for single-parents or families where—for whatever reason—one parent is out of commission, the situation can easily spiral into real, contemporary poverty.

The ear-splitting scrape

Then there are the families who scrape just enough to last the month— barely. 


When the children need winter shoes, they survive with sandals. When a child needs therapy, he has to function without it. When a medical issue crops up, there is no money to pay for treatment. 

And Yom Tov? The season of joy? It causes endless, untold stress.

37% of our very own neighbors are living below the poverty line. How could we just stand by and watch?

Kupa Shel Tzedaka, Mishkenot Yaakov, was founded 20 years ago by R’ Shimon Kovalsky Shlita.

Our mission?

To do everything in our power to help, 
heal and make families whole
Our Method
20 years of pure tzedaka

We aim to help our friends and neighbors experience NORMAL.

‘To be able to do grocery shopping’

“Thank you so much for the food vouchers, it makes me feel so good to be able to do grocery shopping whenever we need groceries. My children are so excited to have snacks to take to school!”

Mrs N, RBS

Our Values

Look at the whole picture

By taking every aspect of the family’s situation into account, we offer specialized help that will put all the pieces of their lives back in place.

Value secrecy above all else

By being scrupulous about never sharing the details of a current case—even when it can help raise funds—we ensure that no recipient feels shame, ever.

Everyone deserves dignity

By giving charity in a less obvious way, subsidized clothing, job-training, grocery credit, we empower the recipient to lead a normal life, with dignity.