A child needs to succeed in school. When the child struggles in school, it will have a detrimental effect on his whole day and his whole life. Often a mentor or a tutor is what is needed, to not just learn with them and teach them, but to simply believe in them and to talk to them. We subsidize tutors and mentors for many children, without which simply would not get the help they need.

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The father was a successful Rosh Yeshiva of a Yeshiva of 400 bochrim. He had a nervous breakdown and the Yeshiva closed down, leaving him with his debt accumulated over 8 years of 2 million shekel. At the current time, this man is not able to function at all in the house, and is not able to bring in any money to support his family. This family needs thousands of dollars per month to cover their expenses – including therapy for the children and schooling. There is a long term plan to deal with the debt – that of renting out the Yeshiva building, which the Kupa is helping arrange.